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Affordability Meets Luxury

You may fill out the form and indicate your preferred date and time of consultation. Soon after receiving your request, we will call you to confirm the details of the arrangement.

Bathroom Renovations Taken To The Next Level

You can choose from a variety of fairly priced bathroom renovation packages at C.C.R. Commercial & Condominium Renovations LLC.

When it’s time to make the material selection, we will assist you with providing one of our local suppliers, where you can expect quality at a fair and reasonable price. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet with a design expert and put the pieces together for your one-of-a-kind renovation.

Our close working relationship and past history with local suppliers, provide streamlined communication from start to finish. 

Ensuring there are no material delays due to miscommunication, and your project is completed on time and within budget.

Powder Room Upgrades
Tub to Walkin Shower Conversion
Dual Sink Vanity Conversion

What our customers are saying

The CCR team are true professionals. Adrian is a perfectionist and pushes his entire team to exceed customers' expectations every step of the way. Right from estimation, proposal delivery to ordering the right parts and of course the work and getting it done right! Thank you, Adrian, Mario, and the team! The bathroom remodeling project was complicated and you guys were amazing and completed the work in just 6 days!

Sameer R. Tub Conversion to Walk-In Shower

McLean, VA

All Bathroom Renovations Get The Industry Best... No Exceptions!

Depending on what you decide every renovation undertakes a uniform quality checklist. 

All clients receiving a bathroom renovation from C.C.R. are guaranteed the following:

  • Demolish and haul away to a local county/city landfill.
  • The existing tile boards or drywall previously used as tile backer will be removed, and wall framing/cavity inspected for leaks and comprise.
  • New replacement cement tile backer boards will be installed.
  • All areas of the new cement tile backer boards will receive two applications of roll-on waterproofing membrane, including shower curves and niche boxes/inserts.
  • All walk-in showers will have a fail-safe water liner that will go up the studs at least 8" and surround the shower lip or curve and bench/seat.
  • All protective water liners and finished shower pans will slope properly to the drain and will be tested for water leaks prior to installation.
  • New bathtubs will be reinforced with new wall supports, and receive new p-trap and overflow kits.
  • New showerheads/wands, retro kits, will have the water lines flushed prior to installation.
  • New/existing vanities will receive new supply lines, and toilets new supply lines, and wax/synthetic rings.
  • Upon completion, all wet area tiles/grout will receive two applications of sealer to ensure the maximum longevity of your purchase.
International Code Council Member


Contact CCR-LLC Today for Pricing and Details.

  • Demo/Haul Away
  • Replacement of bathtub, or pre-fab shower pan
  • Install new tile backboard and waterproofing
  • Install tile and two applications of tile/grout sealer

  • Basic edge preference

  • New shower door kit install

  • New shower head


Contact CCR-LLC Today for Pricing and Details.

  • Opt:1 Walk-in shower conversion:
    -Change tub to the walk-in shower
    -Change walk-in shower to tub
  • Opt:2 Replacement of existing shower pan
  • Opt:3 Replacement of existing tub
  • Construct new shower pan and shower lip
    -Framing of shower lip or curve
    -Install of new water liner protection
    -Concrete base pour
  • Install prefab niche box (3.5" wood stud /3.5" metal studs)
  • Replacement of vanity and faucet
    -Includes new faucet
    -Includes new p-trap,  and supply lines
    -New vanity light
  • Install of new toilet
    -Includes new supply line and toilet flange ring/wax ring
  • Replacement and install of new flooring
    -Tiles or floating flooring
  • Partial accent and decorative tile
    -pencil/bullnose edging around niche box and wall edges
  • One safety grab bar
  • Painting of walls

What our customers are saying

I actually missed my bathroom when we went out of town this summer. Adrian Dunn and the CCR crew made our bathroom dreams reality in our own home. No longer do we need to travel to have lovely and luxurious fittings around us. We received good advice on locating suppliers for all our components and were able to benefit from the relationships CCR has in the home improvement community. Especially with our Quartz Counter tops, I was able to see products from 3 providers and select the material that best fit my vision and my price point. The work was well done. The fit and finish is good. I was so impressed with the artistry of Raphael, the tile installer, that I took to addressing him as Maestro. My shower enclosure and marble tile floor makes me very happy every day. About once a week my husband tells me how much he enjoys the new rain shower system. Thank you, everyone!

Kay J. Bathroom Renovation Platinum Package

Alexandria, VA


Contact CCR-LLC Today for Pricing and Details.

  • Complete overhaul/demo

  • Install of recess lights
  • Replacement of ceiling exhaust fan
  • Custom size niche boxes
    -Includes niche box construction and waterproofing for 2.5" metal stud framing
  • Multiple showerheads, with additional in-wall diverter
  • Install custom panel shower doors and hinges
  • Linear shower drains
  • Knee Wall construction
    -Tile or stone header finish
  • Replacement of outlets/adding of outlets
    -Decorative wall plates
    -New GFCI
    -Adding USB or specialty outlets
  • Corner or side bench
    - Decorative tile pattern and edge preference
  • Accent and decorative tile
    -Full wall accent tile
    -Pencil/bullnose edging on all walls
  • Mulitple safety grab bars.

What our customers are saying

CCR was fantastic. Adrian Dunn and his team completely remodeled 2 bathrooms and updated another in 3 short weeks. It was a very collaborative experience and we were extremely happy with the end result and the overall value. They started the projects on time, worked hard every day, often working late and on weekends, and produced high-quality work. They were spot on with their estimates and explained all changes. I can't recommend them highly enough and would absolutely hire them again. 

Tom B. Bathroom Renovations Gold Package

McLean, VA

Our projects come with an extended warranty. If ever you experience problems due to our installation and renovation work, we guarantee that we will make it right and replace the defect immediately. Additionally, we offer tile and grout sealing to keep your bathroom always looking new.

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